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 Levine-Wold System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card, 2017 WBF CC 
 Jacobus-Passell System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card, 2017 WBF CC 
 Clerkin-Clerkin System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card, 2017 WBF CC


About the Players


Mike Levine
Eddie Wold

Eddie Wold has come a long way from his start in bridge. It happened one day on the Rice University campus. He was on his way to dinner when a friend recruited him to be a fourth in a bridge game, “I don’t really play,” Wold said. The response was, “We don’t really care.”

Wold made his mark in 1977 when he was on the winning team in two national events: The Grand National Teams and the Spingold Knockout Teams. Since then, he has won an additional 13 national events, which include two victories in each of the big three: the Vanderbilt, the Spingold, and the Reisinger. He has won the Barry Crane Top 500 three times, the Mott-Smith Trophy (most masterpoints at the Spring NABC) three times, and the Lou Herman Trophy (now Goren – given for the most masterpoints at the Fall NABC) twice.

Wold won the Transnational Teams in 2001 and eventually the d’Orsi Senior Bowl in 2013. He decoded the illegal coughing signals used by a pair of doctors playing on the German national team. Uncovering the cheating ultimately resulted in the Germans having their gold medal stripped. The medal was awarded to the Lynch Team in 2014. Wold also earned a silver medal in the 2010 World Mixed Teams, and bronze in the 1978 Rosenblum Teams.

Wold has been a very active teacher in the Houston area for many years. From indviduals to groups to hosting Wold’s World seminars, he is happy to share his brige expertise with upcoming players. He has hosted similar seminars by invitation across the ACBL. Wold also expanded his teaching venues by hosing bridge cruises for the past decade. Houston players can often be heard saying “Eddie says....”

Assisting junior players has also become a major focus for Wold when he started teaching for credit at his alma mater in 2013. His students subsequently established a bridge club and competed for the first time in the 2016/16 Collegiate Bridge Bowl. Wold also hosted a summer bridge camp for upcoming junior players, many of whom compete internationally for the USBF.

Marc Jacobus
Mike Passell

One of America's leading bridge professionals, Mike spends most of his time in Las Vegas, NV, with his wife Nancy, a former Venice Cup winner. They are the only American husband-wife couple to have won the Bermuda Bowl and the Venice Cup.

Mike learned to play bridge during high school vacations by watching his brother Bill, an expert in his own right, teach bridge classes. He is #2 on the all-time Masterpoint Winners' list with more than 50,000 masterpoints. He won the 1976 McKenney Trophy (now the Barry Crane Top 500) with a then-record total of 1815 points.

In 1979 he won Bermuda Bowl, in 2013 he won the Senior Bowl, and he also earned a Silver medal at the 1980 World Team Olympiads. Mike won his first NABC title in 1976, the Reisinger, playing on the same team with which he won the Bermuda Bowl three years later. He now has a total of 19 North American titles to his credit, including the Reisinger four times, the Vanderbilt twice, the Spingold three times, the Grand National Teams, the Open Pairs three times, the Men's Board-A-Match Teams three times, the IMP Pairs in 1988, the Open Swiss Teams twice.

In addition to his North American titles, Mike has had his name engraved on the Mott-Smith Trophy twice and the Fishbein Trophy once, as the top masterpoint winner at three different NABCs. In 1991, Mike won the IBPA's CC Wei Award for the year's best defensive play. He was inducted into the ACBL Hall of Fame in 2008.
Away from bridge, he is a keen sports fan and was an outstanding baseball player in his youth, being drafted by the Cincinnati Reds.

Dennis Clerkin
Jerry Clerkin
Bob Morris, NPC