System Information


Mahaffey-Lev System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card
Casen-Graves System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card
Granovetter-Stansby System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card


About the Players

Jim Mahaffey
mahaffey  From Orlando Florida, Mahaffey is a successful businessman who specializes in large apartment developments. He has won many national and regional events, his last national win the Mitchell BAM in 2013
Sam Lev



Drew Casen 

Drew Casen

In 1983, ‘Dean’ Drew Casen quit a career in college administration at NYU

to play professional bridge on a full time basis. ‘No regrets’ claims
‘I pursued my dreams’. Accomplishments include 23 gold and silver medals
in National events. He has won the Cavendish Pairs and Cavendish Teams,
and has earned a silver medal in the Rosenblum Cup KO. Other interests
include golf, bowling, poker, gin, backgammon, and sports wagering.
He is also a die hard fan of the New York Mets baseball team.
Besides playing mostly with his regular life long partner Jim Krekorian, he has
also partnered with legendary experts Richard Schwartz and John Onstott.

Allan Graves 

Matthew Granovetter

Matthew "Matt" Granovetter is an American bridge player and writer. Granovetter is from Jersey City, New Jersey, and graduated from Hunter College. He subsequently moved to Netanya, Israel. After spending the years from 1993 to 2005 in Israel, he and his wife Pamela returned to the USA and now live in Cincinnati. 


He and his wife Pamela Granovetter co-edit the magazine Bridge Today. He has written a number of bridge books, most of them collaborations with Pamela, as well as two musicals for children. He is the bridge editor of the Jerusalem Post. The Granovetters have also developed a bidding system known the Granovetter Unified System (GUS).

Lew Stansby
LStansby Lew Stansby, former commodities trader and current professional bridge player, lives in Dublin, California, with wife and fellow national champion JoAnna. Since winning the Reisinger in 1965, Lew has won more than thirty national championships and five Open and two Senior world championships, and has finished second three times.

Most of these championships over the past thirty years were won in partnership with Chip Martel, but Lew also has an outstanding record with other partners, including wife JoAnna.

With new partner Bart Bramley, Lew won the Baze Senior Knockout in 2013 & 2014 and the Roth Open Swiss in 2013.

Lew is a World Grand Master. Tall and softspoken, Lew is known for his love of games of almost all kinds and his incredible memory for bridge hands, even those from long-ago events he neglected to win.