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About the Players

Adam Kaplan
Adam Kaplan

Adam learned to play bridge while on a cruise at age 5, and is now 19. He is from New Port Richey, Florida and is a Freshman at Stanford University.

He has multiple Youth NABC wins, a Bronze Medal in the U26 BAM in Istanbul (2009), a Silver Medal in the U21 pairs in Croatia (2011), a Silver Medal in the U21 Swiss/KO in Shanghai (2012), a Gold Medal in the U26 Swiss/KO in Atlanta (2013) and finished tied for 5-8 in the U26 World Championship in 2014. Formerly the youngest ACBL Life Master, Adam has multiple top-ten finishes in national events.

Adam's Stanford team finished second in the 2015 ACBL Collegiate Championships.

Zach Brescoll
Zach Brescoll  
Adam Grossack
Adam Grossach I am currently in the work-force, working as a business analyst at TIAA-CREF in Boston.  I play and teach bridge professionally as a second job. I graduated from Brandeis in 2014 with an undergraduate degree in business.

Bridge Accomplishments:
1st 2014 NABC Fast Pairs (with Zach Grossack)
2 gold/2 silver int'l junior medals
Teen king of bridge 2010

I love playing bridge with Zach. Zach is very fast and aggressive, two important qualities for modern day competitive bridge.  Zach and I have both benefitted tremendously from the usbf junior program (as individuals and a partnership).  Michael Rosenberg has been an incredible mentor and has taught us so much.  Looking forward to making the most of my last couple of years in the junior program.
Zach Grossack
Zach Grossack Born and raised in the Boston suburb of Newton, I was brought up in a bridge playing family; my mom, seeing an ad for bridge lessons, took up the game in 1999, and soon taught my brother. At first, I was turned off to the game, but by the time I was nine years old, bridge had really piqued my interest. And soon, with the help of my family and a few mentors, I started playing the game competitively; at the age of 12. Since then I finished second in the U21 Championships in Taicang, China, won the U26 championships in Atlanta, Georgia, and finished 5-8 in the U26 Championship in 2014 in Istanbul. Currently, I am a student at Tufts University.
Ben Kristensen
Ben Kristensen Ben Kristensen, 17 years old, is a Senior at East School in Duluth, MN, and takes classes at the University of Minnesota Duluth as a PSEO (a state-funded program that gives credit for both high school and college) student and plans to attend there as a college student next year.

After his Sunday School teacher gave Ben an ACBL bidding manual for his 10th birthday, he taught himself bridge and started playing at the Duluth Bridge Club in January, 2009 and in bridge tournaments in May, 2009. He won his first Regional open event in May, 2011.  Ben placed 1st in NABC Youth Pairs & Swiss Teams in 2011 and 2nd in Youth Pairs in 2012 & 2013, as well as 2nd in Youth Swiss Teams in 2012.
Ben placed 2nd in the 2013 Under-21 World Swiss Teams, 11th in the World Under-21 Teams in 2012, and won Silver in the Under-21 teams in 2014.

When not playing bridge, Ben enjoys running, reading about bridge, and playing piano and trombone.
Kevin Rosenberg
Kevin Rosenberg

Kevin, 18 and a Freshman at UC Berkeley, says:

I'm the son of two professional bridge players, so I was exposed to bridge at a very young age.  Actually, I learned to play bridge at a very basic level at the child-care at summer Nationals.  7ntXX there was a very popular contract (and is still not unheard of in the junior bridge I play in now).  I started playing bridge more seriously and often when I moved out to California from New York about 2 and a half years ago.  I've always read a lot of bridge books (Bridge in the Menagerie), and I just think it's a great game.  I hope my mom's new project called Silicon Valley Youth Bridge will involve more kids my age in the game.

As a child, I first became interested in chess, despite being heavily exposed to bridge.  I competed at an expert chess level for about 2 years, and peaked at about age 12.  From there I moved to Scrabble, also reaching approximately an expert level, and competing twice in the National School Scrabble Championships.  From there, I moved to bridge, where my primary focus is now.

I won a Silver medal in the U21 division at the 2014 World Youth Championships.

SiVY is a growing project to introduce kids in the Bay Area to bridge that my mom founded over 2 years ago.  We've had quite a bit of success, and in Atlanta, I'm particularly rooting for our SiVY team in the U21 event (Team Hu).